Group Programming

Top-tier programming for athletes at all levels

6 tracks included at 1 competitive price

At Home Workout

These workouts can all be completed at home with just your body and a set of dumbbells. There is a demo video each day explaining the stimulus and proper movement patterns for the corresponding workout. These workouts are great for top level athletes and can be scaled for beginners, too!

Workout of the Day

This is a well rounded and varied CrossFit Program.  This is designed to meet the needs of our every day athletes looking for a well rounded GPP fitness level.  This is intended to be completed in a 60 minute class setting.

BELITE Competitor

This is an all inclusive competitive CrossFit Track.  This covers all of your bases from warm up to workout and accessory.  This will be 90 minutes to 2 hours each training day.  Scheduled training days are Monday-Wednesday and Friday-Saturday. Thursday and Sunday are scheduled rest days. 

BELITE Strength

This is your foundational strength track.  This is periodized strength training focused on your base power lifts.  Squat, bench and deadlift as well as the appropriate accessory lifts to keep you healthy while you get stronger and build your physique. 

BELITE Condtioning

A daily conditioning piece aimed at building your engine. The focus is on building aerobic capacity with specific workouts targeting the glycolitic and oxidative metabolic pathways. This is much more than just random running intervals. This program will take your engine to the next level.

Calorie Crush/HIIT

This is just like it sounds! 45 Minutes of burning calories and having fun doing it.  This will be a combination of strength training into an interval format that keeps the heart rate elevated for the majority of the 45 minute class. This is the perfect combination for burning fat and toning up!

You will get all of these tracks included in your programming package!

Professional data tracking

Notes from

Workouts released the night before

Warm ups &
accessory work

Group Programming

$25/ MO
  • Daily Programming
  • Data Tracking (Must have SugarWOD account)
  • Warm Ups
  • Accessory Work
  • Coaches Notes
  • Nightly Emails
  • Ability to text/call a coach
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