Trevor’s 9 Week Shred


Coach Trevor used this exact program to cut for a photo shoot. This is every workout he used, minus warm ups. A lot of the workouts are functional fitness based, but a lot of traditional lifts/movements are used, as well. He started at 10.6% body fat and cut to 6.2% body fat. He weighed about 172lbs throughout the entirety of the program until the final week when he cut water. The final two weeks are to be used with caution. It is not necessary to cut water. He is experienced with this and you should familiarize yourself with such a cut before attempting it.

Along with the workouts, you will see each day’s macros. Rest day macros are also provided. The meals consisted of mostly whole foods, but you will see cheat days throughout this program, too. Trevor is on his feet for the majority of the day, so he stays fairly active outside of workouts. You may need to adjust the macros to meet your specific caloric needs.

If you have a short window to get shredded, this program is for you!

What’s included

  • 9 weeks of workouts (usually 6 days/week)
  • Macros for every day
  • Sleep for each day
  • Specific water cut for contest

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