Your goals + our programs

2-3 hours per day of training. Whether you’re training for the Open, a local competition, or the CrossFit Games, this program is for you!

1 hour a day of structured class programming. This is the same class programming used at Kearney CrossFit. Do this by yourself or use it as a daily program for your whole gym!

This program is specifically meant to prep you for sports like football, track, baseball, volleyball, basketball, etc. You could expect to see this type of training at a major D-1 college.

A camp for high school kids looking to succeed on, and off, the field. Come for one week of intense training and build the mind with the body. A banquet for athletes, coaches and parents finishes off the week.

Our core values lay the foundation for your success.

Create Self-Discipline + Do Everything with Purpose + No Complaints + Stay Humble